2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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Florida. Caleb Brantley. 21. player. 50. . DL

Caleb Brantley has been low key one of the best players on Florida’s defense that has had one of the best defensive lines all year. Some team will notice that, and it’s going to be the Lions.

Brantley has everything the Lions need on their defensive line. He adds the strength and power that their previous linemen had without the off the field drama.

What Brantley excels at is being able to play any position on the defensive line. If the Lions want to move him inside from time to time, or use him as a pass rusher at the defensive end position, he’s capable of doing both, and doing them well.

The Lions defense has been pretty sturdy over the last few seasons. Their first concern isn’t the defensive line, it may be wide receiver or running back, but Brantley is too valuable to pass up.

The Lions’ front office is one of the smartest in the NFL. They won’t let a talent like Brantley slip through their fingers.