2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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. Cornerback. Ohio State. Gareon Conley. 24. player. 28

Gareon Conley is one of the best number two cornerbacks coming out of the draft. He has all the ball skills and size to matchup with top tier wide receivers, but in Oakland, he’ll be asked to play opponent’s second wideout.

With Sean Smith lineup on the other side, Oakland’s defense officially becomes one of the most terrifying units in football. All season they’ve missed just one or two pieces to the puzzle. Well, Conley is the answer.

With the 24th pick, the Raiders can wait around for Conley. There’s a slim chance he jumps much higher with the amount of defensive backs in the first-round.

With a hopefully healthy Derrick Carr, one of the best linebackers in the NFL, and now one of the scariest secondaries, the Raiders will become a Super Bowl favorite from their first pick in the 2017 NFL draft.