2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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Florida State. DeMarcus Walker. 25. player. 36. . DL

How perfect would it be for the Seahawks to find the perfect player to line up next to Michael Bennett? With DeMarcus Walker, they’ve found that player.

Walker is one of the freakish players in this draft class that just make you enjoy watching football again. Even though Florida State struggled a little, this season doesn’t mean Walker missed a beat. This pass rusher proved each week why he was considered one of the best.

His ability to beat tackles off the ball with speed and power makes him an immediate impact player for the Seahawks. For a defense who has a solid secondary year after year, adding to their line is something they always want to do.

At 6’2, 273 pounds, Walker can do it all. The Seahawks are getting one of the best in the draft and a player who will fit well with their defense. He’s just as hard-nosed as the rest of the Seattle defense. It should take no time for him to find his stride with the Seahawks.