2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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47. . Running Back. Stanford. Christian McCaffrey. 31. player

Unless you’re a New England fan, you do not want this pick to happen. I repeat, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN.

Christian McCaffrey may not have had the season many predicted him to have, but he’s still one of the most skilled players in college football. What does New England do well with skilled players that probably wouldn’t work on other teams? Win Super Bowls.

This is a match made in heaven for Tom Brady. If McCaffrey was five years older, Brady may have a few more ring and the leading receiver in the NFL may be a running back.

McCaffrey is more than a great running back. He can catch the ball better than any back in the draft, and can play out of the backfield or in the slot much like Le’Veon Bell.

This is dangerous. McCaffrey may not be a steal to most teams in the NFL, but for the Patriots he’s the missing piece to the best offense in the league.