2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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player. 123. . Cornerback. Washington. Sidney Jones. 32

Sidney Jones is a pure athlete and possesses the instincts of an animal. He has the talent to make smooth transitions and stay in sync with his man.

Jones really has been a truly underrated talent, but the pro scouts haven’t looked past him as much as others have. He is a smart player too. Jones is able to identify routes as soon as they begin to develop. This helps him kill any separation between him and his target.

Jones has the speed needed to close the gap and excel in a man coverage, but his football IQ makes him a great zone player too. He does great at reading the QB and track down a ball in the air and kill the play.

What makes Jones such a playmaker is his ability to create turnovers. Of course, he can track down incoming passes, but he’s also great at forcing fumbles. Jones is a smart player and aware of the position of the ball in the runner’s hand. When going for a tackle he always finds a way to make contact with the ball and try to force it lose.

If Dallas could land a pick like this and create a defensive star, they would be set as contenders for the near future.