2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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Corey Davis. 6. player. 13. . Wide Receiver. Western Michigan

Sometimes top players slip through the recruiting process, and smaller schools end up getting the gems. Western Michigan got just that in Corey Davis, and now he’s a name known around all league front offices.

Davis showed that MAC competition was nowhere near his level of play, but the spread offense was bread and butter for him.

Davis has a second gear in him that he can turn on at any point. Throw up a deep pass and Davis will chase it down on the money. His route running is great, but he relied on shoulder shakes and stutter steps often. Which isn’t a problem, but professional players might not fall for it as easily. His speed should account for a lot, though.

What separates Davis from a lot of other players is what he is able to do once the ball is in his hands. His speed is top notch, but his ability to break tackles says much more. At 6-3″ 213 pounds, a lot of that strength is upper body. Davis can rip off anyone trying to pull him down.

If Davis is put into a system where he can build a good connection with a quarterback like Philip Rivers, he could be dangerous.