Former Irish Back, C.J. Prosise, Will be Part of Something Special in Seattle Next Year


Notre Dame football sent one future superstar running back to the NFL last year, and it’s already clear that he’s going to be a part of something special next season.

It seems as though some believe that Thomas Rawls’ record-setting night in Seattle may be a sign that C.J. Prosise is on the backburner for the Seahawks. But not me. What Rawls did was impressive, but by adding Prosise in 2017, it’s just making that Seattle running game even more dangerous.

Through six games this season, the Seahawks slowly worked Prosise into a bigger role each week. With Rawls missing most of the season, Prosise worked behind Christine Michaels as the Seahawks receiving back.

When Michaels was released, Prosise proved in just one game why he’s the future in Seattle, even if it’s in a running game by committee. His 67 rushing and 87 receiving yards in his only start for Seattle was a major part of the Seahawks win over the New England Patriots.

Prosise may be the second option for the Seahawks next year, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to impact the Hawks any less than Rawls. While Rawls takes on the bulk on the ground, Prosise will be used as a valuable receiving option for Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks aren’t going to change their game next season. What Seattle has that’s better than most teams is Russell Wilson. Wilson is only 28-years-old, and he’s already become one of the best play-callers in the NFL. The Seahawks aren’t going to use him any less with the explosion of Rawls, which gives Prosise an even better chance to shine.

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On top of that, Wilson has already established a solid relationship with Prosise. During the six games he played this season, Prosise had 17 receptions. That’s only 13 less than lead receiver, Doug Baldwin, who had 30 receptions through the first six weeks.

This combination of run and pass is something teams pray for. Everyone wants the great running back, but when you have two, and one is an even better receiving back, you have everything you can ask for.

Prosise will take on a role much like Dion Lewis did in New England in 2015. While Rawls will likely remain the first down back, Prosise will be used for big plays. Lucky for him, Seattle is all about big plays.

So, for everyone who’s nervous about Prosise taking a backseat to Rawls, stay calm. This duo isn’t going to be first and second. It’ll be two backs making impacts for their team on every play.

Rawls and Prosise are the backfield duo every team dreams of. For Seattle, they’ll know exactly how to use them next season. Prosise may not start, but he’s going to be a part of one of the best running games in the NFL in 2017.

If the former Notre Dame back returns for Seattle in the postseason, we could see the magic happen a lot earlier than next season.