DeShone Kizer 2017 NFL Draft Outlook: Arizona Cardinals


Notre Dame quarterback, DeShone Kizer, may not fall out of the top 10 in the 2017 NFL draft. But if he does, the Arizona Cardinals may be licking their chops waiting for him.

The Arizona Cardinals were one of the NFL’s best in 2015. But with a banged up quarterback in Carson Palmer, the Cardinals may be looking for a new play caller in the 2017 NFL draft.

With the legendary performance of Deshaun Watson in the 2016 National Championship, DeShone Kizer may slide to the third quarterback taken off the board. If that happens, Kizer will probably end up outside the top 10. Waiting for him, the Cardinals.

Kizer may not want to drop below the top 10, but he won’t be complaining when he realizes he’s headed to a team that’s a quarterback away from the playoffs.

Carson Palmer may not be hanging up the cleats just yet. If he plans to go again in 2017, and if he does, the Cardinals may be willing to give him one more shot. For Kizer, that’s an even better reason to hope he’s in Arizona next season.

Kizer isn’t ready for the NFL just yet. He has the big arm and the ability to run and pass. But his decision making isn’t up to par with the NFL, and when it comes to keeping calm during big moments, he just isn’t ready yet.

A year behind one of the best QBs in Arizona history may be exactly what Kizer needs to become the All-Pro passer he has the potential to be. Palmer has been known for his strong arm and deep balls, much like Kizer was in South Bend. With receivers like Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, and J.J. Nelson, going deep is a reliable option on almost any play.

Kizer will be stepping into a situation with one of the best receiving cores in the NFL, if Fitzgerald is still playing. When you have players who you can trust with any throw, it makes the transition from college to the pros much easier.

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Their combined 2,108 yards and 14 touchdowns aren’t terrible for three wideouts, but it isn’t fantastic either. This squad has the ability to be the best in the NFL if given the opportunity. They may just need a fresh arm behind center to help them reach their full potential as a unit.

What makes the Cardinals so appealing isn’t the receivers. It’s arguably the best running back in the league playing along side you. David Johnson has taken the NFL by storm as has shown no sign of slowing down. His 1,239 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns finished seventh in the league.

On top of that, Johnson is a solid receiving threat as well. In 2016, the back 879 receiving yards, second on the team, and four touchdowns. What makes Arizona so appealing for a quarterback is the amount of weapons on the offensive end. Leading these weapons is Johnson.

The only downside to the Cardinals is the poor offensive line. In 2016, this group allowed the fifth-most sacks in the NFL. When you see the guy before you get taken down 40 times in a year, it worries you about your safety in the backfield.

Kizer’s athleticism should decrease the amount of sack the Cardinals allowed. After one or two line moves, these five can become good enough to make Kizer a real threat. If they can fix the line before Kizer takes the starting job, the team is about as ready to win as they’ll ever be.

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DeShone Kizer wants to go to Arizona. In fact, out of all the teams looking for a new franchise quarterback, the Cardinals are the most appealing.

With the number of weapons this team already has, any quarterback can find success. If they can give their play caller a little time in the backfield, the Cardinals could be headed back to the playoffs real soon.

If they draft Kizer, they could be working towards something even better than a playoff birth.