NFL Draft: The Browns Want Deshaun Watson. But What About DeShone Kizer?


The trending 2017 NFL draft news of the day is how the Cleveland Browns are zeroing in on Deshaun Watson with the twelfth pick. But what if he’s gone?

After one of the greatest National Championship performances of all-time, Deshaun Watson is headed for the 2017 NFL draft, and with high hopes.

Through multiple sources, including Bleacher Reports’ Matt Miller, it appears that the Cleveland Browns were the most fascinated with Watson’s play. With a new quarterback being one of the many things the Browns need this offseason, it seems they’ve found their quarterback and want him with the twelfth pick. 

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Which leaves an even bigger question – What if Watson is already gone?

There are three quarterbacks anticipated to be taken in the first 12 picks of the 2017 NFL draft. Those three quarterbacks, Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, and Deshaun Watson, are still a guessing game as to whom will go where.

So, here’s the scenario. What if Deshaun Watson goes before Cleveland’s pick? Mitch Trubisky is projected by just about everyone to go to the Chicago Bears. If the San Francisco 49ers, the other team in the top 10 looking for a quarterback, take Watson with the second pick, where does that leave the Browns?

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Well, it leaves them with DeShone Kizer. During Kizer’s final season at Notre Dame, he threw for almost as many yards (2925 yards) as the six players to drop back for the Browns last year (3693 yards).

On top of that, Kizer threw for three fewer touchdowns in 2016 (26 touchdowns) as Cleveland’s six players threw touchdowns and interceptions combined (15 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 29 total).

It is no secret what’s so ever that the Browns would love to have Kizer as their play-caller. His ability to throw deep will go a long way in appealing to Terrelle Pryor, and his athleticism is a necessity when playing for the Browns.

Kizer is marked as an “unready NFL quarterback.” Because of that label, it’s uncertain who is willing to take a chance on him. After Watson’s title performance, he’s the hottest name in the draft and could bounce Kizer out of the top 10.

The Browns waiting for Watson at number twelve could be a stretch. After beating an unbeatable team in the biggest stage of his career, Watson will have the upper hand when teams are thinking of drafting a quarterback. With two in the top 10, it’s hard to say Watson is going to fall to twelve.

Cleveland using the first pick in the draft for Watson is foolish, and it won’t happen. That means if they want him, they may need to move up or hope for a miracle. If they wait and he’s not there, their second pick may be Kizer.

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No Notre Dame fan wants DeShone Kizer to go to Cleveland. In fact, no fan of a quarterback wants any of them to go to, Cleveland. But, if they think Watson is going to fall to twelve, they’re wrong. And because of it, they could be left picking the former Irish quarterback.