Top 5 Undervalued Notre Dame Football Recruits

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Many Notre Dame targets are aren’t getting the respect they deserve.

The Notre Dame coaching staff recruit players who are good fits in their scheme as well as  great students who want to excel in the classroom.

They look for recruits who make sense for them in terms of what they are trying to accomplish, and that is to play for a championship while receiving a great degree. Rankings aren’t the be all, end all for them.

That said, every recruit receives a ranking from an array of recruiting services. These rankings are closely taken into account by recruiters, fans and the recruits themselves. They’re the first thing most people take note of when they look at a recruit.

As everyone knows, recruiting rankings and projections aren’t an exact science. For example, Julian Love was a consensus 3 star recruit despite having a tremendous career at Nazareth Academy as a star two-way player and impressive kick returner.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports /

Love joined a depleted defensive back unit at Notre Dame in ’16 and went on to have a great season at 3 different positions for the Irish and was named a Freshman All-American. This is just one example of a 3 star recruit out-playing his ranking.

In the 2018 recruiting cycle, Notre Dame continues to kick the tires on many lower ranked recruits as well as some high ranked recruits who are considered “good” players while their film and stats clearly suggest they are “great” or “elite”

In this slideshow, I lay out 5 of the 2018 recruits who Notre Dame are recruiting that I believe deserve a bump in their ranking by most, or all of, recruiting services.