Notre Dame Basketball: Robby Carmody Resembles a Former Irish Star

Notre Dame basketball is targeting a shooting guard out of Mars, PA with perfect size and athleticism.

Robby Carmody, the 4-star shooting guard out of PA, is exactly what Notre Dame basketball is looking for. After losing one of the best shooting guards in program history, adding a player who resembles Steve Vasturia as much as Carmody does would be the perfect fit.

It all starts with his unique skill of driving to the rim. Like Vasturia, Carmody uses a quick first step and his 6’4, 185-pound frame to gain the upper hand inside. He doesn’t use many finesse moves while driving. It’s a simple, quick step and then get to the rim in two or three steps.

When he gets to the rim, he’s able to finish over or under a defender. His long arms and size allow him to body larger defenders and finish with a layup. But he can also drop his arm below opposing players to finish.

As rare as you hear a player’s strong suit being the alley-oop, Carmody loves to run along the baseline and throw down a pass. As one of the high-flyers of the 2018 class, Carmody likes to slam it through any chance he gets.

He can still shoot, too. Carmody’s ability to drain shots from mid-range are even more dangerous than his driving. Defenders have to worry so much about him getting to the basket that they tend to forget about his pull up. Then, once he stops to shoot, the defense is already at least a step more towards the basket.

From the outside, Carmody is more of a catch and shoot player, but he can drain it from deep. You put the ball in his hands, particularly at the top of the perimeter, and most times he’s going to hit the shot. With his size, most times playing shorter defenders, his release is so high that it’s nearly impossible to block. So, if his shot is going to be disrupted, it’s usually because of a foul.

With all his athleticism, Carmody is a natural defender. Whether it’s shutting down at the top on the perimeter or posting up down low, he can lock up and win most battles on the defensive end. Where he’s special, though, is by using his long arms and basketball IQ to react and intercept passes.

Look at all his attributes and who do you see? Steve Vasturia. He’s a lengthy player who uses his body to get to the rim and can play just about anywhere on the floor. As one of Mike Brey’s all-time favorite players, he’d love to bring someone to South Bend who reminds him of his four-year starter.

Carmody has 14 offers so far, and many are saying Butler is his top choice. But with Notre Dame staying on his radar and a recent visit from coach Brey, there’s a possibility he turns his attention to the Fighting Irish.