2017 NFL Draft: Can DeShone Kizer Luck Out?


With recent reports putting DeShone Kizer’s NFL Draft stock at different spots, there’s a chance he lucks out.

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Lucking out for DeShone Kizer doesn’t mean a top 10 pick or landing anywhere else but the Cleveland Browns. Although they are great scenarios, there’s an even better path out there Kizer may be hoping for – falling to the mid first round.

There are two teams in the middle of the draft who need a quarterback but probably won’t take one in the first round unless there’s a big enough name. Well, Kizer is about as big as it gets in this year’s draft. If he’s available at the No. 20 or No. 25 pick, the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans would love to add this arm to their lineup.

After a failed attempt with Brock Osweiler last season, the Texans are looking for the missing piece to their offense. With De’Andre Hopkins and former Notre Dame wideout, Will Fuller, as the outside threats and Lamar Miller manning the backfield, Houston is one solid quarterback away from being a contender.

Kizer may not be ready to start right off the bat in the NFL. Included in this group, though, he may have enough weapons around him to learn while he plays. With a strong start, which would be easy in this offense, he could gain confidence early. As much as talent and knowledge are needed to develop, confidence goes a long way towards how well someone’s career turns out.

Then, there’s a Denver Broncos team he’d be walking into that’s already a Super Bowl contender. No matter what they’re record was last season, they’re a few offensive linemen and a dependable quarterback away from being champions.

Kizer would have two of the best wide receivers in the league to his usage and a C.J. Anderson, who, when healthy, is one of the biggest playmakers in an NFL backfield. Denver has already signed guard, Ronald Leary and there’s plenty of rumors surrounding them and a trade with the Cleveland Browns for Joe Thomas. Keep their first-round pick out of it, which is probably impossible, and that fixes most of your line.

Realistically, Kizer’s biggest concern next season would be how many times he’d be hit. His athleticism and speed could be what Denver wants as they fix their protection issues. He’ll have to escape the pocket a few times, but his numbers should be high for a rookie.

It’s not even a stretch. There are four or five teams ahead of the Broncos that would want a quarterback. Rumor has it, Chicago and San Francisco might not be looking in the first round. You’re down to three teams, and three quarterbacks. Someone passes one up, and Kizer’s in Denver or Houston.

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Everyone wants to see him go in the top 10, but sliding may provide him with a chance to be one of the best. Look at Dak Prescott, a prime example of what happens when you put a good quarterback with a playoff team. Maybe Kizer lucks out and finds himself in a Super Bowl before some believed he would even start an NFL game.