Can Notre Dame football rule the 2018 NFL Draft?

Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports /

Notre Dame football may send quiet a few players to the 2018 NFL Draft and could end up running the first-round.

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From Mike McGlinchey and Quentin Nelson to Equanimeous St. Brown and Nyles Morgan, Notre Dame could find themselves with bundles of talent headed to the pros next offseason. With a successful year ahead, the Fighting Irish may have a number of players taken in the opening round of the 2018 draft.

For starters, most experts believe their two star offensive linemen will have their names called early. This year, McGlinchey could have been considered a first-rounder but decided to stay an extra year in South Bend. If Nelson decided to leave a year early, he might have found himself in the second round.

The pass catchers of the Notre Dame draft are looking to be St. Brown and Alize Mack. As two juniors, they’ll have to decide whether or not to leave early. However, if they can perform the way they’re hoping to this season, their draft stocks may land them in the first 32 picks.

There are also the questionable players who may or may not find themselves stocked decently high next year. Josh Adams is one breakout season away from being considered one of the best junior backs in the country. If he performs well enough, something most Notre Dame fans believe is possible, he may take advantage of the turning trend; Taking running backs in the first round.

Nyles Morgan is another name that comes to mind. The talented Mike linebacker finally got his chance to quarterback the defense in 2016 and didn’t fail to impressive. With the prototypical linebacker size and athleticism, he could be a treasured second round pick in 2018. Depending on how well his 2017 season goes, he may even find himself as a late first-rounder.

With the possibility of six first-round selections in 2018, Notre Dame has a real shot to rule the opening day of the 2018 NFL Draft. Much like schools like Ohio State and Alabama did this year; the Fighting Irish have a real shot to send numerous big names to wherever the 2018 draft is.

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There is still a whole season to add or drop players from this list, but going off of what happened this spring, everyone should expect Notre Dame to be top dog in the 2018 NFL Draft.