Notre Dame Football Prediction: Midshipmen vs. Irish


By recent standards, this is a below average Navy football team. Typically, when the Fighting Irish are a solid team, they blowout the Midshipmen. However, Navy always plays extremely hard against Notre Dame every year. So, the potential for a tightly contested football game always hangs in the balance.

Navy Offense vs. Notre Dame Defense

The triple option neutralizes a lot of the deficiencies of the Naval Academy. By playing this unique offense, Navy always has a chance to shorten the game and move the ball.

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However, the Quarterback situation for the Midshipmen is not good. Both Quarterbacks are fighting off injuries. Zach Abey, one of the nation’s leading rushers, did not play against SMU last week.

Regardless of who starts for the Midshipmen, they are an extremely one-sided attack. For example, Abey does not throw the ball well or pitch much on the perimeter. That is why he carries the ball for an average of 29.13 carries per contest. Additionally, Garrett Lewis has played for only a handful of snaps.

Last year, Notre Dame only possessed the ball on six occasions. This led to Navy’s upset victory over the Irish. Notre Dame needs to get off the field on third downs to get more possessions.

Navy Defense vs. Notre Dame Offense

And, the possessions that Notre Dame receives need to turn into Irish touchdowns. The Naval Academy is not strong on defense. The Middies are allowing 30.3 points per game.

Navy ranks 64th in rushing defense allowing 165.78 yards. They are worse in passing defense. Ranked at 91st in the country, the Middies are allowing 244.3 yards through the air.

Will Notre Dame be tempted to throw the ball too much? Notre Dame needs to pound the football as much as possible.

Bottom Line

This is a game where Notre Dame needs to completely dominate the Midshipmen. By the end of the 4th Quarter, all the Seniors and backups need to be in the game.

The Notre Dame football team responds big time after last week’s embarrassment.