Notre Dame basketball commit Robby Carmody dominating senior year

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

Notre Dame basketball 2018 Commit Robby Carmody is tearing up high school teams in his senior season.

With Notre Dame basketball losing six games in a row and the likelihood of making the NCAA Tournament growing dim, there are some positives coming to the Fighting Irish men’s program in the form of 2018 commit, Robby Carmody.

Carmody is dominating in his senior year of high school basketball in Mars, Pennsylvania, but this is nothing new for him. The highly recruited shooting guard has been making headlines for a while. His most recent accomplishment, joining the 2,000-point club.

Notre Dame has a lot to be excited about when looking at the future. The progression that Temple Gibbs and John Mooney have made on the court should mold them into great leaders next year. That’s exactly what head coach Mike Brey wants, knowing how good his 2018 recruiting class has been.

Ranked ninth in the nation and third in the ACC, Brey has officially locked in four top-100 recruits.

The next Pat Connaughton

While Prentiss Hubb is sitting out his senior season after having ACL surgery, Carmody has been the one making noise. If you don’t know much about him and need a comparison, he looks like Pat Connaughton with his explosiveness and athleticism. Yes, the same Pat Connaughton that has been shaking the NBA recently.

Connaughton’s atheism was slept on while he was at Notre Dame, but that shouldn’t be the case for Carmody. Dunks-Du-Lac should be in full effect with Carmody’s contribution.

It’s not all about his atheism that makes him a great player. He’s a fantastic shot maker. A deep threat is one of the things that Notre Dame is in need of right now. But don’t expect him to stand around the arc waiting to do his damage.

Carmody is a deadly scorer in almost any position you put him in. He has a fantastic mid-range game, especially off the dribble. If he has an opening to the basket, he will not settle for a jumper. Naturally strong he has no problem lowering his shoulder, absorbing contact and finishing at the rim.

When Notre Dame is at full force there’s never really an issue with passing the ball. It’s what has made Brey’s system work so well in the last few years. Carmody fills that role well too.

Icewater in his veins

Need another reason to be excited about what Carmody brings? He’s cold blooded. Last Friday he was in a deep hole. His team, Mars Area High School, was down against West Allegheny in the fourth, Carmody scored 23 of his team’s 25 points in the fourth quarter to force overtime including ten points in the final minute of regulation. They went on to win 78-70 in overtime.

If you felt like there isn’t any other way Carmody could fit in any better with Notre Dame, you would be wrong again. He’s good friends with another incoming freshman. Phil Jurkovec, quarterback signed with the football team, has built a great relationship with Carmody through AAU. The two could possibly even be roommates during their time at Notre Dame.

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There is plenty of room for optimism looking forward to Notre Dame Men’s Basketball. While injuries have derailed this season, Notre Dame will once again build a great team with Carmody in the middle of it.