Notre Dame Football: Equanimeous St. Brown part of most interesting family in sports

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Notre Dame football fans love star wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown, who is a part of the most interesting family in sports

Equanimeous St. Brown made a name for himself with Notre Dame football. On Saturdays, we were able to just how talented St. Brown was. It’s obvious that he is a special player on the field and those who knew him close knew he was a fantastic student as well.

But St. Brown is much more than just that. This is no ordinary athlete by any means. The story of St. Brown and his family is being told by HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

We’ve all heard about the famous (or infamous) LaVar Ball family. The story of a father who trained his three sons in a unique way to become basketball stars.

Well, this isn’t quite that. This is the story of John Brown. A two-time Mr. Universe and three-time Mr. World who married his wife picturing what kind of kids they would have in mind.

Brown knew what he wanted. He wanted to raise his three children, Equanimeous, Osiris and Amon-Ra, to become stars. So just like in his bodybuilding days, Brown took that goal and devised a plan. A plan so great that every single little detail was manufactured to give his children an edge, details all the way down to his boys’ name. Yes, Equanimeous St. Brown is a unique name. Even more unique is his full name, Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown.

Nothing was going to stop John’s plan. When his wife, Miriam, found out that her first son’s name would be Equanimeous, she said she started crying. From the HBO Interview:

"“The plan was to get married, have a family, and to pour all of me into them, and to sit back and watch it develop.”"

John’s plan stated in the upcoming HBO piece may seem crazy but was always accompanied by a loving motive.

Nothing like a mothers love

Miriam had a plan for her sons as well. Coming from the U.S. from Leverkusen, Germany, education was going to be the most important part of her parenting.

She was determined that her children would know multiple languages. To this day she only addresses her sons in German, her native language. She didn’t stop there, the kids also learned French. Being a committed mother she even moved with the boys to Pairs of a semester in elementary school. The trilingual group of boys even took the SAT in all three languages. You can imagine they did pretty well.

While this family sounds somewhat different than the Ball family, there’s one thing that ties both fathers into mirror images. Lavar Ball decided that a deal with a major shoe company wasn’t quite big enough for him. So he created his own, the Big Baller Brand.

Marketing a brand was something that John wanting to pursue as well, he created his own brand of protein powder. Cane Protein was established after John as making it for his sons to help them keep up with their vigorous workouts.

Don’t let John’s story of creating his own brand deteriorate the idea that he doesn’t want a shoe deal. He has rather lofty goals in this department. 100-million for each son is what he thinks his family is capable of obtaining.

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With Equanimeous heading to the NFL Draft, Osiris playing at Stanford and Amon-Ra recently committing to USC; it’s evident that John’s master plan is working.