Notre Dame Women’s Basketball: NBA Coach Seeks Advice from Notre Dame’s McGraw

It is no secret that Muffet McGraw is the best in the business when it comes to women’s college basketball. Apparently, even the NBA has taken notice to McGraw’s greatness.

Under the direction of Muffet McGraw, the Notre Dame women’s basketball team won its second national title in program history in April. Their title run didn’t come with more than its fair share of obstacles.

Along the way, the Irish suffered a plethora of injuries. By season’s end, the Irish were without four key players due to ACL surgeries. The way the Irish overcame adversity was nothing more than remarkable. Their fearless leader, McGraw was largely to credit for their resurgence. McGraw has pieced together plenty of good coaching seasons, but this one likely was the best and most rewarding.

McGraw’s coaching job didn’t only resonate with the Notre Dame or college basketball communities, however. It seems that Brad Stevens, coach of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, has taken notice of McGraw’s coaching brilliance.

Stevens, who is often regarded as one of the NBA’s best coaches, is in the midst of pursuing an NBA Championship with his team. Having lost both Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving to season-ending injuries at different points this season, Stevens can sympathize with McGraw’s situation. That sympathy is so much so that Stevens reached out to McGraw for advice on how to navigate the loss of so much talent in one season:

The similarities between the situations are obvious. For McGraw, her coaching adjustments resulted in a championship. For Stevens, so far, his coaching brilliance has resulted in a date in the Eastern Conference Finals against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As two of the best basketball minds in their respective fields, one can only imagine the extent of their conversation. One thing is for sure, though: When it comes to Stevens and McGraw, game recognizes game.

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