Notre Dame Football: Notre Dame Stadium Switching Back to Grass for 2019 Season

Five years after artificial turf was installed inside Notre Dame Stadium, the University of Notre Dame has decided to switch back to natural grass before the 2019 football season.

Early Monday morning, the Notre Dame athletic department announced plans to remove the artificial turf inside Notre Dame stadium and replace it with grass.

The process of implementing these changes is scheduled to start after the Blue-Gold Game later this month. The University is hopeful that everything will be completed by June.

Our source, a very knowing person who lives in his parents’ basement and has a computer, told Slap the Sign that the change had unanimous support from all those involved… obviously.

The source was clear: “I was pretty shocked by the amount of support the proposal had. There was very little push back.”

We learned that the main argument in favor of the change was the number of national championships that were won before the switch to artificial turf. “It’s eleven to zero,” our source said. “The level of success Notre Dame has had on grass has far exceeded the success the Irish have experienced on turf. The playing field is the only explanation for the issue.” Additionally, the source said, “People in the athletic department are concerned that the football program is incapable of winning a national championship while artificial turf is inside Notre Dame Stadium.”

In the five years following the implementation of artificial turf, the Notre Dame football team has zero national championships and a 4-8 season.

After all, it makes sense for the Irish to want to try to return to natural grass. People love tradition and Notre Dame clearly doesn’t have much to hold on to from the past.

Jack Swarbrick will probably hold a press conference later today to provide further information and answer questions about this decision.

In case you have not checked your calendar today, Happy April Fool’s Day, y’all.