“Hard Knocks”, featuring Te’von Coney, premieres tonight

Te’von Coney is the only former Notre Dame player on the Oakland Raiders. He could be in line for some serious camera time on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

The acclaimed HBO Series “Hard Knocks” makes its season debut tonight. This year, HBO will be following the Oakland Raiders during training camp.

It’s probably one of the more anticipated seasons of the show since its inception for a number of reasons.

For starters, Jon Gruden is coaching the Raiders. Gruden has morphed from Super Bowl-winning coach to media celebrity, back to head coach. His attitude, quirks and antics alone will be worth the price of a monthly HBO subscription.

Additionally, the arrival of Antonio Brown in Oakland is going to be a major storyline. One of the best receivers in the NFL, Brown is also one of the more boisterous and outgoing players in the league. He’s exactly the sort of personality you want on what is essentially a reality show about football.

Hitting close to home for Notre Dame fans, former Irish linebacker Te’von Coney should get a decent amount of camera time. His is an interesting scenario, as “Hard Knocks” likes to feature guys on the roster bubble and invest you in their stories. Coney is viewed by many as the very best college football player to go undrafted in 2019. He should have a decent shot at making the team, but nothing is guaranteed — especially in a position group where several prominent veterans can be found up and down the depth chart.

He’s also what you would call a “Gruden guy” — the sort of player who does everything you ask and does so with violence and intensity.

As a result, there’s a chance Te’von Coney could become a household name to loyal followers of the show by season’s end.

The “Hard Knocks” season premiere will be tonight at 10 pm ET on HBO.