Notre Dame fans hate NBC’s new sideline Skycam view

A quick look around social media tells you everything you need to know about how Notre Dame fans feel about the NBC sideline Skycam.

If you watched the Notre Dame game against New Mexico on Saturday and felt like you needed some sort of medication to alleviate vertigo, you were not alone.

NBC implemented it’s new sideline Skycam, something they decided that Notre Dame fans needed in order to enhance their viewing experience. The problem is, nobody asked for it — and nobody wants it.

Quite simply — it’s the worst.

This is not the first time a network dug itself a hole due by making decisions about what consumers want before actually checking with the consumer. ESPN did this a couple of years ago, when they shifted a lot of their sports coverage to a social justice focus. They lost viewers, people lost jobs, and the Worldwide Leader is still in the process of an “about-face.”

NBC’s decision was a little different — given that it was more of a technical change. Even so, viewers still hate it.

We ran a poll on our Twitter account to gauge just how much Notre Dame fans can’t stand the new camera. The results were about what we expected.

Despite roughly 90 percent of viewers not liking the camera and being very vocal about it on social media, NBC does not appear to be backing down. They preemptively even told their viewers that they need to have an open mind. You can also view that as NBC telling viewers “If you don’t like the change, you are close-minded.”

Obviously NBC has leverage in this scenario — for now. Notre Dame fans can’t exactly boycott the network if they want to watch Irish home games. What fans can do, however, is flood the social media accounts of heavy hitters at the university — people like Jack Swarbrick and Rev. John Jenkins — and ask them to pressure NBC to go back to the traditional camera angles that make football the most viewer-friendly sport on the planet.

For what it’s worth, Notre Dame’s current deal with NBC expires in 2025.