Notre Dame Football: Breaking down 2022 wide receiver target Tetairoa McMillan

Notre Dame football has an offer out to a talented wide receiver from southern California. Tetairoa McMillan could be a generational talent for the Irish.

Notre Dame football has a few offers out to wide receivers in the class of 2022, but without a doubt, my favorite prospect in this class is Tetairoa McMillan, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver from Anaheim, California.

McMillan is the 2nd-ranked wide receiver prospect in the country and the 2nd-ranked prospect in the state of California.

Without a doubt, McMillan’s abilities as a wide receiver are polished in a way that makes it hard to believe he is only a rising junior in high school. The way that young receiver is able to contort his body, while changing direction and changing speed in his routes makes McMillan look like a polished route-runner.

In short, let’s put it this way: McMillan has the size to be a threat in traffic, the speed and length to be a deep ball threat, and the savvy to make difficult catches along the sideline. Keep in mind that he is still growing.

It’s still early in the recruiting process for McMillan, but it’s safe to say that he is the type of player that Notre Dame needs to land to start being able to consistently compete with the top programs across the country. McMillan is the type of talent who could come to South Bend and find the field right away.

It’s hard not to get excited thinking about the future of Notre Dame football when you consider that in 2023, the Irish could feature the likes of juniors Chris Tyree (running back), Jordan Johnson (wide receiver), and Michael Mayer (tight end), along with sophomore Lorenzo Styles, Jr. (wide receiver), and sophomore quarterback Tyler Buchner. Add McMillan to that group behind the haul the Irish are putting together on the offensive line in the 2021 class and the Irish could look real explosive.

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In closing, McMillan is exactly the type of talent Notre Dame needs to be able to add to the roster. Given that the 2021 recruiting class is one that is focused primarily in the trenches and in the defensive secondary, the Irish will without a doubt be looking to add to their skill positions in this class. McMillan could end up being a generational talent if the Irish are able to land him.