Notre Dame Football: 5 Things to Watch for during 2021 Pro Day

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Notre Dame Football

Notre Dame Football has a lot of draft talent in 2021. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The Notre Dame Football 2021 Pro Day will kick off today at 11 am ET, and here are five storylines to keep an eye on throughout the event.

The first story of the Notre Dame pro day has already come to pass, Ben Skowronek isn’t healthy enough to participate in it. This means he won’t have the chance to show what he can do, and it will also raise questions about his durability for NFL teams. That could be an issue for Skowronek, who was a fringe NFL player, to begin with.

There are plenty of other storylines to look forward to though. Fourteen players in all will be at the Notre Dame pro day, and they range from first-round picks to undrafted players unlikely to even make it as a free agent. There is still plenty of room for movement too, as some players, like Ian Book, for instance, have been polarizing to scouts and analysts alike.

The draft starts on April 29th. That gives players a month to make their case to teams. This pro day is the first chance in that final month to show off. So, who is going to have a great performance? Who has something to prove?

Here are five great storylines to follow up with at the Notre Dame pro day:

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