Notre Dame football: Watch as Kyle Hamilton stars in ‘Put You On’ (video)

The Notre Dame football team has one of the best defensive players in the country in Kyle Hamilton, who is getting big publicity off the field.

Notre Dame football fans can’t get enough of Kyle Hamilton. After all, the can-do anything All-American safety is a walking highlight reel. The most important player on the Irish defense, Hamilton can be seen making plays at the line of scrimmage or deep downfield in coverage.

Now, you can watch Hamilton off the field too. Whistle has a new series, called “Put You On,” which follows different celebrities and athletes on a tour of their town. Born from new NIL rules, this will help to see how different players live and what makes them the person they are on the field. and they have recently released an episode on Kyle Hamilton.

Whistle itself is a sports and entertainment company.

This YouTube show is a quick 8 minutes and 24 seconds, and it starts with Kyle Hamilton introducing himself and South Bend, Indiana. You may remember that Hamilton is from the Atlanta area originally, though he was born in Crete, but now in his third season in South Bend and prepping for his junior year, having him show off Notre Dame’s city is just as good.

For Hamilton, he starts with a trip out to play golf, which he goes to once a week to take his mind off things and relax. Immediately, Hamilton gives some insight into his personal life, his ethnic background, and what the Black Lives Matter movement has meant to him. That’s before he jumps into why he chose Notre Dame football and the different adjustments he had to make as he moved onto college, including challenges he faced in the transition.

Breaking from the golf course, Hamilton moves onto the Lauber for lunch. After a questionable order (no cheese on a medium-well burger), Hamilton talks about his friends and how they like to spend time in South Bend.

Walking around South Bend, Hamilton points out the aesthetic to South Bend and the city’s history and art scenes. They look at classic cars that come from South Bend, including Lincoln’s carriage from the night he went to Ford’s Theatre. They see some of Knute Rockne’s personal history with these classic cars too.

The conversation opens up about a major change in college football, which Hamilton thinks is a win-win for players and fans. He talks about his merch line and credits it as a way that he has gotten hands-on experience in the real world, arguing that it’s helping him to be prepared for after football and that more people need exposure to these financial situations, which is directly against one argument against NIL, which is that players may mismanage their funds.

One great example of a win-win from NIL is Put You On itself, which wouldn’t be possible if not for NIL. It gives Hamilton an opportunity to make money and put his brand out there to the world, while fans get insight into Kyle Hamilton’s life they would never have had before.

Whatever you think of NIL, it’s important to remember that this is the result. More opportunities that players deserve and fans get to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy these things when you have the opportunity to.