The definitive Notre Dame football all-time Lou Holtz team

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Lou Holtz was undoubtedly a Notre Dame football legend, having won a national championship in 1988 — two if you count the unclaimed 1989 national championship season, though Miami fans certainly don’t feel that’s a legitimate one — but also producing NFL talent all over the depth chart.

While not every Holtz-coached Notre Dame draft prospect panned out in the pros, South Bend witnessed countless all-time college careers during a span that saw the Fighting Irish finish with a double-digit win total five of those seasons.

Here is the definitive Notre Dame football all-time Lou Holtz team

Notre Dame football QB Rick Mirer

Notre Dame football QB Rick Mirer Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports


Rick Mirer

QB, Seattle Seahawks

Notre Dame football all-time Lou Holtz team QB: Rick Mirer

1993 NFL Draft: Round 1, Pick 2

Seattle Seahawks, 1993–1996
Chicago Bears, 1997
Green Bay Packers, 1998
New York Jets, 1999
San Francisco 49ers, 2000–2001
Oakland Raiders, 2002–2003
Detroit Lions, 2004

Rick Mirer was a backup on the 1989 Orange Bowl champions that only lost to Miami, but his next three seasons in South Bend made him a top NFL draft pick. Mirer had a 29-7-1 record as a starter, having been part of a four-year era of the Fighting Irish in which there were less than 10 wins in just one campaign.

The Goshen, Indiana native was responsible for more points running and passing (350) than any other player in the history of the program. As one of the key components in the best Fighting Irish backfield ever, Mirer was a dual threat who was way ahead of his time in college football history.

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