Notre Dame football has played but never beaten these FBS teams

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Notre Dame football has won more games than all but three college programs in the entire country: Ohio State, Alabama, and Michigan.

Previously, the teams that Notre Dame has never played were covered, but now it’s a look at a different, more dubious list.

With that said, the Fighting Irish have six teams that have their number, with six FBS schools across the nation having the distinction of having played ND but never lost — and three non-FBS schools (Yale, Chicago, Indianapolis Artillery) that were able to sneak early wins on Notre Dame before the college football independent left them behind with a revamped schedule facing the nation’s premiere programs.

Some of the FBS schools that have beaten Notre Dame and haven’t suffered a loss to them are sure to surprise you…

Here are the 6 teams Notre Dame football has played but never beaten

6 teams Notre Dame football has played but never beat

6 teams Notre Dame football has played but never beat Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports


  • First game played: 11/21/2009
  • Last game played: 11/21/2009
  • Last game final score: 33-30

Starting with a fellow college football independent, albeit with a much different public perception, we have the Connecticut Huskies – who shockingly upset Notre Dame during the penultimate week of the 2009 regular season.

Connecticut lost Jasper Howard the month prior after the cornerback was stabbed to death and was riding high on emotion as the Huskies bested the Fighting Irish during a down year in South Bend. In a two-overtime thriller, UConn running back Andre Dixon scored on the game-winning 4-yard touchdown in the second overtime to give the Huskies a 33-30 victory at Notre Dame Stadium.

Ultimately, this never became a rivalry like it was supposed to, since the ND administration balked at the idea of playing in East Hartford at the venue now known as Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field. If it did, likely the Huskies wouldn’t be on this list considering the precipitous decline the program has suffered in the decade-plus since Notre Dame was upset by Connecticut.

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