Notre Dame football is undefeated against these FBS teams

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Notre Dame football has racked up win after win after win over the years but there are some teams out there that the Fighting Irish have dominated.

Notre Dame is one of the winningest programs in the history of college football. It should come as no surprise that with more than 880 wins in the program’s history, there are more than a few teams that the school has never lost a single game to.

The one surprise when looking at the teams they’ve managed to only defeat is that there aren’t all that many teams. Knowing that, the teams that the Fighting Irish have managed to play and only beat stand out. It’s also interesting that those teams come from all over the country.

They come from almost every conference and span decades. However, one of the most interesting of them all is when it comes to taking on independent teams. In fact, there is only one team that is among the squads that are currently independent that the Fighting Irish are undefeated against. Those who don’t follow Notre Dame football all that closely might have forgotten that the only time the Irish and UCONN Huskies played, the Huskies emerged victorious 33-30 in 2009.

Notre Dame football vs Independents

The Fighting Irish have only met UMASS on the field of battle one time. That’s most likely due to the fact that the Minute Men haven’t been at the FBS level for all that long. It’s been a little while since the two squads met too.

UMASS could take a bit of pride in the fact that while they were blown out in that 2015 tilt, they did manage to score some serious points. Notre Dame football won the only game played against Massachusetts, 62-27. Considering how bad UMASS has been since coming to FBS, that’s not exactly something the Golden Domers are likely to brag about.

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