Notre Dame Football: Stanford debuting new helmet on Saturday

Stanford Cardinal safety Jimmy Wyrick (18) adjusts his helmet (Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports)
Stanford Cardinal safety Jimmy Wyrick (18) adjusts his helmet (Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports) /

For the game against the Notre Dame football team, the Stanford Cardinal are rolling out a brand new helmet as they are set to begin a new era.

When Notre Dame and Stanford meet again on Saturday night, it will be a continuation of one of the most interesting, if not always the most bitter or close fought rivalries in sports. It’s one of those rivalries that doesn’t make a ton of sense to outsiders.

The schools are from entirely different parts of the country. They don’t even play in the same conference in other sports. Or at least they didn’t until the Cardinal joined the ACC in one of the weirdest cases of conference realignments in college sports.

Stanford being a part of the ACC starting next season actually means that their rivalry with Notre Dame can enter a new era. It’s one of the rare rivalries that likely won’t be negatively affected by realignment. If anything, it would seem the move solidifies it.

With the Cardinal entering that new era of sports, the football team has decided to roll out a brand new helmet on Saturday night. The never seen before design, unfortunately will be shown off on a network that isn’t all that hard to see, even if you go looking for it.

Yes I’m still annoyed this game is on the Pac-12 Network.

Notre Dame football takes on new look Stanford

Earlier this week, the newest addition to the ACC gave a sneek peak of what it will look like with the new helmet, which is all red with white lettering.

To be honest, it’s a good looking helmet for those who enjoy alternative uniforms.

I happen t be one of those who likes the teams, like Notre Dame football who embraces tradition by keeping iconic looks. But if new and flashy is your thing, then Stanford has a uniform for you on Saturday night.