3 biggest gets for Notre Dame football in the transfer portal

It's time to really take a look at the biggest gets that stand out in a heck of a transfer portal season for Notre Dame football.
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There was no position group that saw a bigger shakeup for the Notre Dame football team than the wide receiver room. That group even switched up its coach from Chansi Stuckey to Mike Brown.

Right after the portal opened, several Fighting Irish receivers decided that the grass was greener elsewhere. It became clear almost immediately that Marcus Freeman and company were going to need to reload there. 

And so they went to work. They added several receivers to the mix but the one that stands out the most is Kris Mitchell. The wide receiver from Florida International isn’t a household name yet. But he could certainly become one before it’s all said and done.

Mitchell took a big jump in his final season with the Panthers. He wasn’t a go to receiver before 2023 but once he became one, he was absolutely the man the team looked to as often as possible.

Mitchell caught 64 passes for 1,118 yards and 7 touchdowns. More important than the total numbers is how he reached them. Mitchell is the kind of speed threat that is going to be fun to see team up with Leonard. 

The receiver averaged 17.5 yards per catch. And even when he didn’t have a ton of catches in season, he showed the ability to make a big play. That’s damn attractive for Notre Dame football in the coming season.