ACC Tournament bracket if the season ended today

The ACC Tournament bracket looks like it's solidifying a bit as we head into the home stretch of the regular season.
Duke v Miami
Duke v Miami / Lance King/GettyImages

Now that we're nearing the final weekend of January, March Madness is right around the corner. But first it's time to prep for the ACC tournament bracket and try to figure out where everyone will play.

The conference standings are still in flux enough that it's impossible to predict just where everyone will be standing when the regular season ends. However, for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the rest of the conference, there is one way we can predict the ACC Tournament bracket.

We can take a look at what the ACC Tournament bracket will look like if the regular season ended today. It should be a fun experience to see just how close the final standings come to what they are on this bright winter morning.

. #12 (11-8, 2-6) . 826. . 443. . Game 1. nd bc. #13 (7-12, 2-6)

Assuming the schedule for the ACC tournament is roughly the same as it was a year ago, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on Boston College in the first game of the tourney. The 12th and 13th seeds face off in Game 1. Of course, the two teams face off on Saturday and should Notre Dame win, this bracket could be bye-bye quickly.

Game 2. . Clemson louisville. #15 (6-13, 1-7). 438. . #10 (13-5, 3-4) . . 432

For the second straight year, the Louisville Cardinals would be the very last seed in the ACC Tournament. The Clemson Tigers being the 10th seed with that 3-4 record shows just how much the bracket could still change before the end of the regular season.

#11 (12-7, 3-5). 444. . 436. . . #14 (9-10, 2-6). Game 3. Game 3

The Pitt Panthers are one of those teams that could build itself a decent resume with a few more wins along the way. But at the moment, they're in one of the first games in the ACC Tournament.

#9 (12-7, 4-4). #8 (13-6, 4-4). 2306. . Game 4. Game 4. 447. .

The games featuring the 8th and 9th seeds are always some of the most interesting. Right now, it's especially interesting because there are so many different teams that could fill these spots. Miami certainly helped itself out in its last game, beating back the Notre Dame basketball team.

. #5. 5 seed. 13-6 (5-3). . . 448. . .

After Game 4 of the ACC Tournament bracket, things get even harder to get a clear picture. Wake Forest is currently the 5 seed in the conference and they would await the winner of Game 1 between Notre Dame basketball and Boston College.

. . 445. 7. . 13-6 (4-4). . . #7.

Next up would be the 7-seeded Syracuse Orange. They would take on the winner of Game 2, which means either Clemson or Louisville. The smart money here would be the Tigers, but anything can happen.

. . . 14-5 (5-3). . 6. #6. 446. .

The Virginia Cavaliers managed to earn a first round bye despite some big losses in conference. That includes a loss to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish earlier in the season.

. . . . 16-3 (8-0). . #1. 1. . 441

The Tar Heels are at the top of this projected ACC Tournament bracket as the first team with the double bye. At the moment, it sure looks like this is the biggest lock of the season as North Carolina has yet to lose a conference game.

. . . #2. . 435. 2. . . 12-7 (6-2)

The second team getting the double bye might surprise some because the 'Noles regular season record isn't that impressive. But they are very, very good against the ACC so far.

3. . . . . . #3. 14-4 (5-2). 434.

It's a little surprising to see Duke this far down the bracket, but being the 3 seed still means getting a double bye in the ACC tournament. I just means that if they win their first game, they'll likely have to face off against the 2 in the next round.

#4. . 4. 13-6 (5-3). . . . 442. .

The Wolfpack are currently in a precarious part of their season. If the ACC tournament bracket was filled out today, they've be the final double bye team. But they can slide pretty far depending on what the rest of the season holds. No less than six teams are either tied or just one game back of the Pack.