Disgruntled Michigan writer weirdly drags Notre Dame Fighting Irish commits

Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish recruiting analyst EJ Holland said some truly silly things about the program this weekend.
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While Notre Dame Fighting Irish players having beef with Michigan Wolverines players is nothing new, an analyst covering the Wolverines having beef with ND recruits is something entirely different. As a general rule, there’s a reason analysts don’t take shots at players. Even beyond the normal “it’s incredibly trashy.”

Analysts on a particular school’s beat are almost certainly going to talk to recruits who are considering both their program and a rival’s. It’s not a good look to appear so biased for one side that recruits might not want to waste time talking to you. Apparently, EJ Holland didn’t get that memo.

Disgruntled Michigan beat writer weirdly drags Notre Dame Fighting Irish commits

Holland is in fact a former Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat writer for On3. However, a few years back he transferred to the Wolverines beat. He’s been outspoken before about how much more he likes it in his current position than his former. However his comments this weekend were different.

Ryan Fravel a Notre Dame Podcast host posted comments that Holland made on the MIchigan On3 board when the analyst was asked a question by another poster. 

That poster wanted to know what Holland considered a “Michigan type kid.” Holland’s response should raise eyebrows, especially among those who like say, Ivan Taylor.

“High academic/character,” Holland responded. “But not a weirdo like a lot of ND kids.”

Taylor is one player that is committed to the Fighting Irish but is being recruited hard by Michigan

If I were Taylor, I might ask Holland is he’s one of the weirdos the analyst was addressing, since he is a “ND kid,” at the moment. 

Holland would of course claim that the 4-star defensive back is not who he was talking about. But should the highly sought after recruit believe his word.

One has to think that Holland knew someone would post his comments on social media. Or maybe he didn’t. Maybe he’s that bad at this.

Whatever the fallout, one would hope not only Notre Dame Fighting Irish recruits, but recruits all over the country would take notice at that level of bad-mouthing a player or players the next time he asks to talk to them.