Ex-Notre Dame football star's dream season top 1000 yards

Kyren Williams has been reppin' Notre Dame football admirably all year and has already top 1,000 yards for the Rams despite missing time with injury.
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
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Former Notre Dame football star Kyren Williams is having the kind of dream season for the Los Angeles Rams that no one saw coming. The second-year running back topped 1,000 yards (1,057) for the season last week.

If Williams had topped 1,000 yards in the 15 games that his team played, that would be impressive enough. But the former Irish running back has 1,057 yards in just 11 games played this year.

Williams missed four weeks in the middle of the 2023 season due to an ankle injury. He in fact got hurt just as it was becoming apparent that he'd turned into an offensive weapon the Rams could lean on.

Ex-Notre Dame football star among the best in the league

Had Williams come back from that injury a shell of his former self, you wouldn't have really been able to blame him. After all, the running back saw a decent amount of action last season. He appeared in 10 games. And he only had 139 yards rushing.

In fact, cynics would have guessed that Williams was riding a hot streak and that the hot streak was ended by his injury. That very much wasn't the case. The former Notre Dame football player has arguably gotten better. He used those four weeks to reload.

His first game back, he ran for the second most yards of his entire career. He then, just kept going. Since coming back from injury, he's had just one game where he rushed for less than 114 yards. And the Rams still won and he still had a touchdown.

It's worth pointing out that it appears that Williams is going to be able to put together a better season than he ever had with Notre Dame football. His career high in South Bend is 1,125 yards.

Should he run for 69 yards in the Rams's next game he would post a better season than what he had for Notre Dame football in the equivalent of a Fighting Irish regular season.

Kyren Williams is having an incredible dream season. And there's still several weeks left.