Mike Denbrock got record setting deal to return to Notre Dame football

The Notre Dame football program gave Denbrock the kind of contract no assistant has ever received before in South Bend.
New Notre Dame football OC Mike Denbrock looks on at Washington
New Notre Dame football OC Mike Denbrock looks on at Washington / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Notre Dame football has its new offensive coordinator, the one thing that’s more impressive than his talent, is that the Fighting Irish were able to get him at all. This is, after all a man who just led the LSU offense to one of its best seasons ever.

He just tutored the 2023 Heisman winner. And he was coaching alongside long time friend Brian Kelly. Denbrock also reportedly had a rather lucrative contract extension sitting in front of him in Baton Rouge. But he came to South Bend anyway.

It appears that the biggest draw for the Notre Dame football team’s newest offensive coordinator was that he received the kind of contract that Irish assistants simply didn’t get. Until yesterday.

FootballScoop reported on what are the supposed deals for Denbrock and while all the specifics aren’t known, one big part of the new contract is locked down. The third Fighting Irish offensive coordinator in three years is coming to town on a four-year deal.

Notre Dame football gives record-setting deal

As a matter of form, Notre Dame simply did not give its football assistants long-term deals until very recently. It was only Al Golden and former offensive coordinator Tommy Rees who even got three-year deals.

It’s apparent that Marcus Freeman is dragging the football program into the present kicking and screaming. However, he’s also bringing some serious talent to town in order to upgrade his assistant coaching staff.

While it appears the length of the deal are now known, it’s not clear how much Denbrock is making. It seems extremely likely that he’s making a pretty penny. Denbrock had a massive deal offered to him at LSU.

He never signed it, but he was in line to make $1.8 million per year. Notre Dame football gave him more years than the Tigers but it’s almost certainly a fact that the is getting more money as well.