Notre Dame basketball vs Virginia: Odds, predictions, how to watch

The Notre Dame basketball team is hoping to find a way to topple Virginia for a second straight time on Wednesday night.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Micah Shrewsberry
Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Micah Shrewsberry / Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame basketball team’s season doesn’t hang in the balance with its game against the Virginia Cavaliers on Wednesday night. There isn’t a big dance for the team to still try to play for. The most the Irish can hope for now is to play the spoiler.

Being the spoiler isn’t a particularly bad thing to be this late in the season. There’s still plenty to play for, especially in head coach Micah Shrewsberry’s first season. There’s a chance to show that the team is still trying.

There’s a chance to show that the culture that Micah Shrewsberry is building is taking hold. And that there are going to be better days ahead. They don’t need to beat Virginia to do that. It would just be quite fun if they did.

How to watch Notre Dame basketball vs Virginia

If you’re wanting to see if the Fighting Irish can take down the Cavaliers for a second season, then you’ll want to be tuning to ESPN 2 at 6pm Central. It would appear as though the Cavs’ season taking an upswing and the apparently ability of Virginia to compete for a tournament spot has elevated this game off its usual ACC Network.

For those who want to stream the game rather than watch it on TV, there is always FuboTV

That particular platform usually offers up some decent deals if you just want to give it a go. 

Odds and Predictions for Notre Dame basketball

It doesn’t appear that Vegas believes the Fighting Irish have much of a chance. The Cavs are currently 13.5-point favorites according to FanDuel. That’s actually a pretty big spread considering that Notre Dame won the last time the two teams met.

ESPN certainly doesn’t believe Shrewsberry’s squad doesn’t stand much of a chance. The Cavaliers are given a 93 percent chance of wining by the site.

Finally, KenPom believes the Notre Dame basketball team will give the Cavaliers a decent game, if eventually fall short as the site predicts a 60-49 win for Virginia.