Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball continues going in the wrong direction

The Notre Dame basketball team lost another bad game in bad fashion, this time to a team that counts as pretty bad.
Boston College vs Notre Dame
Boston College vs Notre Dame / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The Notre Dame fighting Irish are heading in the wrong direction. One game after benching two players for an entire half because of what head coach Micah Shrewsberry felt was a lack of effort, the Irish came out looking lackluster and lazy again, this time against a much weaker opponent in Boston College.

The last four Notre Dame basketball games have all looked incredibly similar. And it's not just fans and the media who are noticing.

“I don’t pretend to know much,” Notre Dame head coach Micah Shrewsberry after the game. “I think Groundhog Day is in February. For us, Groundhog Day has been every single time we’ve had a game. We just have to find a way not to make the same mistakes every game. We have to find a way to do some things that lead to winning - do more things that lead to winning."

One of the things that the Irish keep repeating is a lack of offense for long periods of time. They went 7 minutes without a point in the first half. When you lose by three points. It's not hard to see why that's a real problem.

The offense going entirely quiet has been an issue far too often this season. One of the easiest way to force that issue is shut down Markus Burton. He scored just 10 points on Saturday on 5-of-10 shooting.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish simply don't have an answer when Burton is able to carry the team. Though junior guard J.R. Konieczny tried his best to pick up the slack. Of Notre Dame's 23 points in the first half, 13 came from him.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish can't get enough offense

“We gotta be better. We have to do more," Shrewsberry also said after the game. "Sometimes we do the same things. We have to keep learning and teaching. We can’t get discouraged as a staff, as players or anybody who is involved with our group. We can’t get tired of teaching.”