Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Carey Booth surprises with departure, more

  • Carey Booth left the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for greener pastures.
  • The Irish are having a long snapper contest.
  • Baseball back on the struggle bus.
Notre Dame forward Carey Booth (0) drives to the lane
Notre Dame forward Carey Booth (0) drives to the lane / John Mersits / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish basketball team is looking to add some very important pieces through the transfer portal, however, you've got to think they didn't feel like they were going to need to replace someone with the talents of Carey Booth.

The freshman forward announced on Monday that he was going to be looking for greener pastures and was entering the portal. It makes head coach Micah Shrewsberry's job that much harder as he tries to turn his squad into a contender for the 2024-2025 season.

Until Booth entered the portal, the only guys who had decided to leave South Bend were dudes like like Matt Zona and Alex Wade, in order to go spend their final eligibility at programs where they may have a better chance at playing time.

Booth is another story. The 6-foot-10 203-lb forward nearly put up a double-double in his very first game (10 points, 9 rebounds), scored 20 points in his second collegiate outing against Western Carolina, and then showed a spark throughout the season.

While he was almost certainly going to be asked to pack on the pounds, one of the most highly touted signees in the recruiting sites era was thought to be a big piece of the puzzle for next year. Now the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will need to look elsewhere.

More Notre Dame Fighting Irish news

It's possible that Rino Monteforte could be this generation's version of Rudy. He's a 5-foot-7 long snapper who is hoping to win the starting job for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Eric Hansen recently talked to the player about overcoming the odds.

It has been an extremely up and down season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball team. After starting to look like they might be able to hold their own in the ACC by taking 2 of 3 against Miami, they just finished getting swept by North Carolina State. Of course, two of those losses were of the 7-6 variety. So the series could have gone either way.

On Tuesday night, the Irish will play another non-conference tilt against Michigan State. Notre Dame is currently 12-2 in their non-conference slate.