Notre Dame Fighting Irish alum opens up about cancer battle

Notre Dame Fighting Irish alumnus and ESPN host Hannnah Storm recentlly talked about how she's dealt with breast cancer.

Hannah Storm
Hannah Storm / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

When it comes to the sports media landscape intersecting with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish program there are few people as well-known as Hannah Storm. The ESPN personality is also one of the most beloved personalities in sport, whether those who love her are Notre Dame fans or not.

It’s the love of appreciation of what Storm has brought to sports broadcasting for the better part of 30 years that also has people all over the world standing up and take notice when she talks about important subjects like breast cancer. More particularly, her own very recent battle with breast cancer.

In an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Storm, currently a SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, divulged that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish alum did share some good news shortly after that little shocker.

Storm says that they caught it early, she underwent a lumpectomy, and she is now cancer-free. Still, she shared on the program that she still was plenty scared when the diagnosis came down.

“I was shocked because, again, I had had mammograms every year. I have no risk factors. I have no breast cancer in my family. I did not have a lump. I did not have pain,” Storm said. “I don’t have any genetic predisposition to breast cancer.”

“I was very, very lucky because they found it so early.”

Notre Dame Fighting Irish alum shares her scare over breast cancer

Outside of being happy that Hannah Storm appears to be healthy and recovering it’s probably not lost on the ESPN anchor how cancer can touch lives.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish alumnus was the one who had to break to SportsCenter viewers back in 2015 that her colleague Stuart Scott had died of cancer.

Good on Hannah for catching it early and treating it quickly. Here’s hoping she continues to get a clean bill of health.