Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Pushing for Hannah Hidalgo, more

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish women's basketball star is getting a push from the program in order to try and get her more rewards.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Hannah Hidalgo (3) reacts
Notre Dame Fighting Irish guard Hannah Hidalgo (3) reacts / Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Hannah Hidalgo has had a heck of a freshman season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Shes' been named the ACC Rookie of the Week several times. In fact, she's set a conference record for the number of times she's gotten that honor.

Now the Irish are pushing for her to win ACC Player of the Year and National Player of the Year. Though they aren't just pushing through the media. They're also sending out little gifts and trinkets in order to keep her front of mind.

This certainly isn't anything new. Lots of schools do things like this. It's just a bit noteworthy that they are doing it for a freshman. It's also worth noting that they have a pretty decent chance of getting her considered. She is, after all, one of the most electric players in women's basketball.

The good news here of course is that if Hannah Hidalgo doesn't win either award, it's not like this is going to be her only shot. She's got a few years where she can get the award eventually. It seems like it's just a matter of time before she wins at least one ACC Player of the Year honor.

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  • Speaking of Hannah Hidalgo, she and the rest of the team they are trying to wrap up the regular season with wins so that they can get a good seed in the ACC Tournament and then the NCAA Tournament. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat Boston College on Sunday night 79-55. For Hannah Hidalgo's part, she scored 19 points, seven rebounds, seven assists and four steals.
  • Speaking of women's teams that had a great deal of success this weekend, The Fighting Irish women’s fencing team captured its third straight ACC team title on Sunday afternoon inside the Joyce Center, winning the first ever two-team fence-off to claim the championship.