Notre Dame Fighting Irish News: Rival suffers big injury loss, more

  • The Notre Dame Fighting Irish baseball team is back on track.
  • Veteran Michigan defender suffers big injury.
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Rod Moore
Rod Moore / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big dangers of starting spring practice is that guys are going to get hurt. The Notre Dame football team suffered the loss of a receiver for at least a week, early into practice sessions. However, compared to what happened to Michigan, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish got off very light.

The longtime Golden Domer rivals found out on Monday night that they would be without veteran safety Rod Moore for quite some time. Moore suffered a torn ACL during one of the Wolverines’ first practice of the spring session.

The blow is the latest in what has hardly been a fantastic offseason for new head coach Sherrone Moore. There was an exodus of assistant coaches to follow Jim Harbaugh. Then there was one of his first hires having to resign after getting cited for DUI.

Now one of Michigan’s best defenders is expected to miss the majority, if not all of the 2024 regular season. 

This year was already going to be all about rebuilding. But one has to wonder how many more hits UM can take. 

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