Notre Dame football coaches locking down top QB commit one more time

The Notre Dame football coaches know that Deuce Knight is a strong commit, but they're not taking any chances these days.
Notre Dame head football coach Marcus Freeman watches basketball
Notre Dame head football coach Marcus Freeman watches basketball / Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame football team knows that for now, Deuce Knight is on lockdown. There are few commits in the 2025 cycle that seem as solid for a team than the dual-threat quarterback does for the Fighting Irish.

One of the ways that Marcus Freeman has had success recruiting in the last few years is that he doesn't take any chances. That's how he stays ahead of schools like Alabama. That's likely one of the reasons that Freeman and several other members of the Irish coaching staff were recently in attendance for Deuce Knight's latest basketball game.

Clearly that was a good play, considering they weren't the only members of a college coaching staff that went to check the quarterback out as he partook in his other great love. According to Clutch Sports, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin was at the game as well.

However, the Twitter account also pointed out that even if Kiffin went to the game, he's got some ground to make up. He had to sit well away from where the game was going on. Meanwhile, Freeman and company were sitting courtside with several members of Knight's family.

Notre Dame football making sure that Deuce Knight stays in the family

There is a long way to go until the 2025 Early Signing Day obviously. However, Deuce Knight has been one of the best and most ardent peer recruiters of the class for any school since he gave his pledge to the Notre Dame football team.

It seems likely that at least some of the commits the Irish have gotten since, were at least in part because of the work that Knight did. The quarterback even pitched in for Notre Dame's Junior Day last weekend.

No coach should sit idly by and expect a commit to just walk his way across the finish line. Marcus Freeman knows that and continues to have the edge on Ole Miss, Alabama and other SEC schools because of it.