Notre Dame football is a 'dream' team for latest quarterback target

The majesty of the Notre Dame football team's legend comes in handy in regards to recruiting and it's coming in handy again with Troy Huhn.

Notre Dame football players huddle as they get ready to play Oregon State at the 90th Sun Bowl game
Notre Dame football players huddle as they get ready to play Oregon State at the 90th Sun Bowl game / GABY VELASQUEZ/ EL PASO TIMES / USA

The Notre Dame football team will pull out all the stops to land a commitment from one of their targets. Having said that, it’s got to be nice to be a member of the Fighting Irish staff, knowing that, at times, simply working in South Bend works in your favor.

The legendary majesty and noteworthiness of the Notre Dame football program can come in handy when it comes to trying to land some of the best players in the country. Guys like 2026 quarterback prospect Troy Huhn, grew up hearing about Touchdown Jesus and the Golden Domers.

They grew up knowing they could always watch basically every game that the Fighting Irish played on television. It sounds like Huhn, in particular, went out of his way to watch those games. And he was a big fan when he was growing up and just starting to get into football.

“I grew up with Notre Dame being one of my dream schools, and it's coming to reality now,” Huhn recently told Rivals writer Charleston Bowles

That’s especially noteworthy because Huhn doesn’t hail from the Midwest. This isn’t a Rudy Ruettiger situation where he was taking the train to see the Irish play on Saturdays. He was watching these games from San Marcos, California.

He was closer to UCLA or USC than he was to Notre Dame football, geographically, but it’s still Troy Huhn’s dream to play for the Fighting Irish. And that’s a big recruiting tool for Marcus Freeman and quarterbacks coach Gino Guidugli.

Notre Dame football has secret weapon for Troy Huhn

The Irish are going to need to pull out all the stops. The 6-foot-4, 225 pound pro-style passer is rising up the ranks. He’s got the attention of plenty of power schools. He’s got 17 offers including two that came in this week from UCLA and Michigan.

The Notre Dame football fight for Troy Huhn is far from over. However, it looks like they’ve got a solid start.