Ex-Notre Dame football star squares off with Buffalo Bills fans

Dru Tranquill's Kansas City Chiefs went into Buffalo and beat the Bills, though there were apparently some fans who didn't take it well.
Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill (23) reacts to the crowd
Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill (23) reacts to the crowd / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Former Notre Dame football player Drue Tranquill got into it a little bit with Buffalo Bills fans on Sunday night, not long after his Kansas City Chiefs toppled the Bills in the AFC playoffs.

Tranquill, who is certainly no stranger to playing in the cold, despite spending most of his pro career in San Diego did not take kindly to Bills fans pelting Chiefs players with snowballs late in the playoff game.

Things started to get heated despite the freezing temperatures on Sunday night when fellow Chief Chris Jones began celebrating his team's win. Fans. close to the field weren't happy about his happy dance and started throwing snowballs at the Kansas City sideline.

At one point, cameras caught Tranquill looking quite angry, atttempt to catch a snowball in mid air, and fire it back into the stands. As the formrer Notre Dame football player said himself, fans were lucky the snowball broke apart when it hit his hands.

"I caught the snowball," Tranquill wrote on Twitter. "If it didn’t break in my hand, it was getting launched right back at him."

While Tranquill was certainly not happy about how Bills fans were handling a heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs, he found a way to eventually take the situation and turn it into a rather sick burn.

"We’d beat them in a snowball fight too," the linebacker continued in his post. "Truth is, my four year old throws a meaner snowball than #BillsMafia."

Ex-Notre Dame football player has the last laugh on Bills fans

Not only was the former Fighting Irish star able to take down Bills fans on social media, but he played a rather big part in the Chiefs win and advance to the AFC Championship game. He totaled 7 tackles (4 solo) and a tackle for loss against Buffalo.

Drue Tranquill has had a solid first season for Kansas City overall. In the regular season he tallied 79 tackles and 4.5 sacks while adding 2 forced fumbles.