Notre Dame football fanbase holds breath after Kyle Hamilton injury

Kyle Hamilton went down in his Monday Night Football game and Notre Dame fans were worried about the injury.
Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers
Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

Notre Dame football fans have been quite proud of Kyle Hamilton since he made the jump to the NFL. His second season with the Baltimore Ravens is even better than his rookie year.

He was demonstrating how much on Monday night. And then the bad luck struck.

Late in a blowout win over the San Francisco 49ers, Hamilton went down to an apparent injury. What's worse, it was an injury that appears to be nagging.

As of the end of the game on Monday night, there doesn't appear to be an update for the ex-Notre Dame football star. Most fans were holding out hope that it was a minor thing that he just needed to rest from.

However, one Twitter user, a physical therapist who is able to notice these kinds of injuries from afar noticed a couple of things from when Kyle Hamilton went down.

Two weeks ago he had some concern on a significant left knee injury," the user, Jeff Mueller wrote." Looks like his left knee is implicated again. Possibly MCL reinjury, hopefully nothing worse. Ankle looks pinned too but he primarily grasped at his knee."

Othere posters noticed that it looked as though the injury wasn't all that bad. Some saw that he was able to get to the sideline on his own power. He also came out of the injury tent when the knee first seemed to be a problem. Instead of going to the locker room, he stayed on the sideline.

Ex-Notre Dame football star has himself a night

Before Hamilton suffered the injury, he had himself quite a good game against the San Francisco 49ers. It was his performance that likely allowed the Ravens to romp.

Not only did the second-year Raven have five tackles, but he also intercepted two passes.

The man who has long been thought to be a breakout candidate seems to be breaking out. That's why Notre Dame football fans are so worried that his season might be in jeopardy.

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