Notre Dame football fans get at least one more season of Lee Corso

The ESPN analyst announced he's coming back for 2024, which will surely make those Notre Dame football faithful who love him quite happy.
Hosts Lee Corso, at left, and Kirk Herbstreit talk during the ESPN College GameDay show on Saturday,
Hosts Lee Corso, at left, and Kirk Herbstreit talk during the ESPN College GameDay show on Saturday, / GREG SWIERCZ / USA TODAY NETWORK

The college football world is full of changes these days. Whether talking about the transfer portal, or NIL or conference realignment, the sport looks quite a bit different than it did just a few years ago. That’s why Notre Dame football fans are likely going to herald anything that resembles consistency.

Lee Corso being on ESPN Gameday certainly counts as consistency. Earlier this week, the longtime college football analyst and host announced he would return to his usual seat on the Saturday morning stage for the 2024 season.

“I’m gonna be like that guy in Vaudeville,” Corso said during a recent GQ feature. “They hook him around the neck, and they pull him off the stage as he keeps talking.”

Corso, the 88-year-old analyst has been one of the big names on ESPN GameDay since it first got its start all the way back in 1987. However, over the last few years, his role has diminished as his health has faded.

He’s had to miss a few broadcasts here and there for various reasons, including a stroke in 2009 and other health problems that would obviously haunt most people his age. While ESPN still features him as one of their big GameDay hosts he’s taken on more of a “special guest” role of late.

Notre Dame football fans welcoming back Lee Corso for another year

Corso missed five shows during the 2023 season but he still has a loyal following. Now it’s official that he’ll be back alongside some other people that have become staples of the pregame show that starts hours before the first games and leads right up until the first kickoffs.

Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, Jen Lada, Jess Sims, Pete Thamel, Sanford Steve and Pat McAfee are expected to come back as well. However, none fo those names and faces will be as familiar to Notre Dame football fans as Lee Corso.