Notre Dame football followers go nuts after Mike Denbrock return

The Fighting Irish are on their third offensive coordinator in three years, but the team's faithful are convinced this hire will work.
Ohio State v Notre Dame
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The Notre Dame football team has their newest offensive coordinator in the fold. It was a quick search that saw rumors about who was going to be hired where tamped down.

It's also safet to say that because Gerad Parker was made the fallguy for whatever went wrong in 2023, most people were going to be happy no matter who was hired. As long as the new hire wasn't just another promotion from withint, there would be plenty of people saying it was a better hire.

Having said that, there was quite the social media reaction when news of Denbrock being the guy broke. The shortness of the job search alone had quite a few people on social media quite excited.

While these kinds of hirings tend to drag out, it was just a few days from the departure of Parker to the hiring of Denbrock. And Notre Dame football social media exploded when it became clear that Marcus Freeman had his man, and it was someone who is quite familiar with the program.

Notre Dame football fans explode on social media

Mike Goolsby isn't just any Notre Dame football fan. He happens to be a former Fighting Irish captain. He's also someone who watches his old team closely.

Jonas Gray, a forrmer Fighting Irish running back understands what Denbrock can do for the team's offense.

One thing that basically every reaction had in common is that they were quite happy that Denbrock was returning to South Bend. Marcus Freeman needed a home run hire. With the former LSU offensive coordinator it appears he did exactly that.

If there were any Notre Dame football fans who weren't happy about the hire, they have been keeping quiet on social media. Of course, when you're hiring someone who just tutored the 2023 Heisman winner, it's hard to find something wrong with the move.