Notre Dame football great says goodbye to Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll was not exactly a beloved figure among Notre Dame football fans, but one former player had a heartwarming farewell message.

November 28, 2009; Stanford, CA, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Golden Tate (23)
November 28, 2009; Stanford, CA, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Golden Tate (23) / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Carroll is hardly someone who is beloved by Notre Dame football fans. As the former head coach of the USC Trojans, he has more than a few victories that Irish supporters would count as "extremely painful."

However, there is at least one former Notre Dame football player who holds Carrell in a special place in his heart. Golden Tate has an excuse to like the former Trojans and Seattle Seahawks coach. He played for him in the NFL.

So when it was announced that Pete Carroll's NFL head coaching career appeared to come to an end, the former Fighting Irish wide receiver took to social media to give the coaching great a high-class farewell.

"I know they say all good things come to an end," Tate started. "But this one feels particularly poignant. Growing older, discussing the end of eras makes me reflect on the passage of time. I'm profoundly grateful to Coach Carroll and the Seahawks for taking a chance on a kid who had only played wide receiver for 2.5 years."

Tate was selected by Seattle in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft. While the Seahawks were "taking a chance" on him, he rewarded them with 21 catches for 277 yards in his rookie campaign.

"Your impact on the state of Washington, especially the Seattle area is truly legendary" the Notre Dame football great continued. "Our first and only World Championship stands as a testament. Thank you for coaching us rigorously and instilling a championship mentality. We were fortunate to be a part of your journey."

Notre Dame football great says farewell to Pete Carroll with humor

Golden Tate, who played under Carroll for four seasons in Seattle, closed his farewell message to Pete Carroll with signature Notre Dame football humor.

"Best of luck in your future endeavors, just hoping it doesn't involve a return to USC."