Notre Dame football: Marcus Freeman is all in on player revenue sharing

Revenue sharing is coming and Freeman wants people to know that Notre Dame football rev sharing will be as good anyone.

The college sports world is about the go through some massive changes. These particular changes could dwarf the ones we saw with the expanded transfer portal and NIL. When those changes do come as a part of the House lawsuit settlement, count Notre Dame football head coach Marcus Freeman as a fan.

At least, Freeman is a fan of the part of the settlement that includes giving players a piece of the pie through revenue sharing. He said as much when he spoke to the media last week during a wide ranging interview that covered everything from how he’s preparing for the season to when he expects some of his injured players back.

One of the reasons that Freeman appears to be so on board with revenue sharing, is because he believes Notre Dame football can hang with everyone else in that regard. It would appear the coach is seeing this as less of a battleground than NIL and he’s quite happy about that.

Notre Dame football head coach is a fan of revenue sharing plan

"I think it’s really good for our players," Freeman said of the overall framework around the NCAA settlement in a recent meeting with reporters. "I’m a believer in it, and that’s the general idea, right? 

"Should players be able to make money based off their name, image and likeness? Yeah. Yes."

"I still in my heart of hearts believe you’re going to get paid based on how good of a football player you are. And that’s my message to them,” Freeman added. “It’s no different than now, you’re making money off your name, image and likeness based on how good of a player you are. So, continue to focus on that. You’re going to get paid just as well at Notre Dame as anywhere else in the country. We’re going to be great; we’re in a great situation here. I couldn’t be more excited for our athletic program will be amongst sports, college athletics programs."