Notre Dame football star QB is beyond impressed by his heir apparent

Notre Dame quarterback Riley Leonard is eyeing a big 2024 season while mentoring impressive 2025 commit Deuce Knight, his potential successor.

Notre Dame football quarterback Riley Leonard is hoping for a big 2024 season. So are the team’s fans.

But no matter what he does this season, he’s got exactly one year to do whatever he can. And then he’s going to move on. And Fighting Irish faithful are hoping that Deuce Knight or CJ Carr can step into his shoes.

Count Leonard among those who hopes it’s Knight. Count the Notre Dame football quarterback as someone who is quite impressed by the 2025 QB commit. And he’s impressed with him because he’s worked and talked ot him quite a bit lately.

Leonard talked about what he’s seen and heard from Knight and why he thinks the 4-star gunslinger is going to be a heck of a get for the Fighting Irish when he finally gets to campus.

Notre Dame football star is beyond impressed by his heir apparent

“He's always willing to learn, always asking questions,” Leonard told the gathered media at the Manning Passing Academy. “And for a guy who, like you said, might be the highest Mississippi quarterback recruit of all time, it's impressive for him to be as humble as he is and just so eager to learn.”

“I brought him over to Fairhope to come train with me and all he did was kept his head down,” Leonard continued about Deuce Knight. “Asked questions, got his reps when he needed to get his reps, had no problem throwing check downs. It was just, he's a great kid.”

Leonard and Knight will almost certainly never be teammates. But it appears there’s a camaraderie there that’s admirable. There’s also the fact that it can’t hurt to have the current Notre Dame football starting quarterback working so closely and talking to often to a kid who still needs to sign on the dotted line.