Notre Dame Football tight end aims to lead on and off the field

Discover how Notre Dame Football's tight end, Mitchell Evans, aims to lead his teammates in 2024 despite challenges.
Notre Dame Fighting Irish tight end Mitchell Evans
Notre Dame Fighting Irish tight end Mitchell Evans / Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

While the Notre Dame Football offense has fans plenty excited, there might be one aspect the talent-rich unit is lacking. It’s not an outlandish question to ask where the leadership is going to come from. After all, most of the team’s best offensive producers are either new, or will be new to the starting lineup.

Enter rehabbing Notre Dame Football tight end, Mitchell Evans. The tight end started to show that he could be one heck of a weapon last year. And then he got hurt just as his star was shining its brightest.

However, the tight end believes he’ll be back to being a big-time weapon in Mike Denbrock’s offensive attack in 2024. And he wants to be a leader for a unit that is going to have to mesh quickly, considering Notre Dame Football kicks off the season against Texas A&M.

“Trying to be a better leader because that’s all I can really do,” Evans recently told Irish Sports Daily. “I can’t showcase on the field. I’m trying to be a good mentor and leader for Coop (Cooper Flanagan) because Coop is taking a lot of roles now because we’ve got some guys banged up in the room. I’m trying to mentor him as much as I can and being a good leader.”

Notre Dame Football tight end wants to be the leader the team needs

Evans understands that the Irish had quite a few veterans like Audric Estime and Joe Alt depart. That’s why he told the site that he wants to be someone the younger guys can look up to. 

Part of being a leader is going to be learning Denbrock’s offense even if he can’t run reps. 

He’s not worried about Denbrock’s effect on the offense either. 

“I’ll play whatever our best personnel is, whether that’s 11, 21, 22 or 14, whatever our best personnel is,” Evans said. “We’ll play that the most because that’s what we’ve got to do to win games.”

All of that said, Mitchell Evans is saying all the right things about being a leader for Notre Dame Football. This will be one storyline to watch in 2024.