Riley Leonard: Out of the dark and Into the Notre Dame football light

It’s finally happened. Riley Leonard has officially transferred from the Blue Devils to the Notre Dame football team.
Notre Dame v Duke
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The Fighting Irish have landed themselves one of, if not the best quarterback in the transfer portal. Riley Leonard is coming from North Carolina to South Bend.

Now that he’s on his way to town, he brings:

  • 4,450 passing yards
  • 24 passing touchdowns
  • 1,224 rushing yards
  • 19 rushing touchdowns

Along with him. Those numbers are despite a shortened 2023 season thanks to an injury he suffered against none other than Notre Dame football. Those numbers are good enough.

Leonard was predicted by a mix of amateurs and experts alike to head to South Bend months ago.

This completes the search for the next QB and creates an interesting QB discussion going into next season.

With Sam Hartman opted out of the Sun Bowl against Oregon State, Steve Angeli will be the starter in El Paso.

Is Riley Leonard the consensus QB1 for Notre Dame football?

Due to the new addition, the QB room will be an interesting bunch next season.

The senior QB will be joined by 4-star sophomore Kenny Michney, 3-star backup Steve Angeli, and 4-star true freshman C.J. Carr.

Head coach Marcus Freeman did lose a big amount of offensive weapons which I'm sure Leonard would've loved to work with such as Rico Flores and Tobias Merriweather. But the additions of Kris Mitchell from FIU, Beaux Collins from Clemson, and a potential third receiver from the portal, will be very effective in working with Leonard for his system.

The Bluedevil fulfills his dream

As it was mentioned on his Instagram saying: "A dream come true. Go Irish ☘️"

You can tell that Riley Leonard has been wanting to do this for a long time. Notre Dame football fans all waited for his decision, and it has been finalized. Ladies and gentlemen, Riley Leonard is joining the Notre Dame football Fighting Irish.

Thomas Harper, Riley Leonard
Notre Dame v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages