Can Everett Golson Be The Next Johnny Manziel?


As Eric Bishcoff once told every wrestler in the WCW, “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.” This is how most of College Football views Notre Dame Football. It’s either a passionate love or hate fueled by jealousy. One player that has received the Notre Dame treatment over the past two seasons is Johnny Manziel. Now I believe there is a player on Notre Dame’s roster who can be the next Manziel. Of course I am referring to Everett Golson.

Now this is why:

Let’s start out with the obvious. Golson and Manziel are both dual-threat quarterbacks and their tape makes opposing defensive coordinators bowels irregular. Golson is a pocket passer first but has the potential to severally hurt you after a pocket collapses. Manziel had a run first and make his own play mentality that made elite SEC defenses look pedestrian. But one physical attribute that both Golson and Manziel share is their huge throwing power.  Last season, I am not sure if it was the shots of Jameson or watching Tommy Rees habitually under throw receivers that made me throw up more. This because I knew what could have been if it was Golson was throwing the passes.  Expect more explosive plays this season

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Manziel’s 2012 Heisman campaign was fueled by his performance against defending National Champion Alabama.  Every Notre Dame fan that was rooting for Manti Te’o to win the Heisman saw his/her fair share of Manziel’s award winning play. You know the one where he fumbles the ball, scrambles around and then throws the touchdown. I was so sick of it I started punching myself in the face so I could get temporary memory loss to forget it. Fun Fact: I did the same thing during the National Championship Game. But the reason that play won him the Heisman is because it was against Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. Now fast-forward to the present and history might repeat itself. On October 18th, if Golson and The Irish roll into Tallahassee and knock off the defending National Champions.This will instantly throw The Irish into the Playoff discussion. Golson can have a signature moment for his Heisman campaign and maybe some crab legs for the road, too.

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  • The most important way that Golson can be like Manziel is how he plays the home opener against Rice. In 2013, Manziel had highly publicized and polarizing offseason. He may, or may not have signed some things in a hotel room for more money in my bank account. But hey, I am not here to judge. All that matters is that Manziel came out in the second half and destroyed Rice in route to being a first-round draft pick.  Essentially being College’s Football’s villain in the process. Now Golson has the chance to also redeem himself against Rice after sitting out last season due to “poor academic judgment.”

    Now imagine this, Notre Dame’s first drive ends with Golson hitting Daniels for a long touchdown pass. But instead of throwing up the “Money Manziel,” Golson throws up his hands and pretends to cheat on a test. America would instantly despise Golson for such a “spit in the face” gesture. And you know what?  I would love it. If the rest of College Football all ready hates Notre Dame, why not play the villain and go full heal? Just like when Walter White puts on the hat and becomes Heisenberg. Golson can transform The Irish into the antihero, but instead of Heisenberg wearing a pork pie hat, it will be a golden helmet.